How to get Novell/Google password to synch/how to fix Novell login issues

Never change your Novell/Google password from home. If you do, to get passwords to synch again do the following:

1.Bring your laptop on campus.

2.Restart your computer. Make sure it is connected to the ISD834Secure Wifi network.

3.Login using OES Network login (just like you do on your desktop).

4.Disable and re-enable Global Protect (even though you don’t need to use it while on campus, it needs to connect there first before it will connect again at home):

Click on GlobalProtect icon in dock:

Click on 3 lines in upper right corner and select Disable. Once disabled, click button to Enable again. If you are ever prompted to update, always click YES.

Once back at home, do the following:

  1. Login to laptop using Computer Only login.

  2. Ensure GlobalProtect is Enabled. 

  3. Login to Novell:

Open Applications folder on upper right of desktop:

Double click on Novell Login and enter your Novell/Google credentials:

  1. Ensure network drives are available by opening File Explorer, looking under “This PC”:

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